Crafting Engaging Digital Experiences

I am a front-end developer specializing in building web apps and static sites with React. I love delivering clean, intuitive designs that enhance user experience.

Modern Challenges Require Modern Solutions

My journey as a professional web developer began with freelancing for SMB clients, an incredible learning experience that taught me a lot about the industry.

During this time I learned the importance of conversion-focused design, on-page SEO, intuitive layouts, and delivering a project from start to finish.

I enjoy finding new and innovative solutions to integrate into my front-end work, and I have recently started working with web3 technologies in many of my projects.

I am eager to delve deeper into the constantly evolving world of modern front-end tech and use my knowledge to create meaningful, user-centered online experiences.

  • React for building dynamic web apps and enhanced static sites and blogs
  • SCSS modules or Tailwind for maintainable, modern styling
  • Git and Github for version control and seamless collaboration
  • Framer Motion for smooth animations and an elevated user experience
  • Figma for design collaboration and prototyping

Recent Projects

GatsbySCSSHeadless CMSFramer Motion

For my small business-focused portfolio, I developed a responsive website and blog that delivers a compelling user experience. Custom animations provide a modern touch and enhances the presentation of dynamic content. With a scalable headless CMS, content management is efficient and straightforward.

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  • This project was built using GatsbyJS, a static site generator that leverages modern web technologies to create high-performance websites and blogs.
  • Framer Motion was used to create custom animations that add a layer of interactivity to the site and make it more visually appealing.
  • For styling I used SCSS, allowing for easy management of the styles while providing a consistent and modern look across all devices.
  • Prismic was used as the headless CMS, providing an efficient way to manage content and deliver high-quality experiences to end-users.

Let's Connect

I am always open to connecting with like-minded individuals in the tech community. Whether you have questions about my work or simply want to connect and network, feel free to reach out to me.

I look forward to exploring new opportunities, sharing ideas, and growing my professional network, and I would be happy to hear from you!